Inside Uniquefit Customs

Founded and created in the east Midlands of England.
Uniquefit Customs is about giving people the chance to show the different sides of how to be unique. Out of the 7 billion people in the world, each person has their own unique personality, sense of fashion i.e swagger, for example you can take 100 people and put them in one room and they can wear the exact same item of clothing. Each person would still look like a unique individual however, no brand is 100% unique- its how you wear it that'll make it a UNIQUEFIT. Here we believe no clothing brand is truly that unique from the next brand, they all use the same materials and colours. The only unique part is the branding. The culture at Uniquefit Customs is defined by innovation. Our innovation is driven by pure passion for the products. If something doesn’t genuinely excite us, we don’t do it. By following this equation, we aim to create the perfect apparel. While we maintain our deep-rooted affinity towards urban street culture our aim has and will always be to create a more complete global community of street fashion and to move our future collections into all areas important to the culture, and lifestyle enthusiasts.